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Information and data is vital for the function of any business, e.g. customer records, transaction record, employee data. Therefore the safeguarding and protection is crucial for organisations. Backup provides alternative for company to recover valuable files and documents after a data loss event such as when a hacker attacks or a disaster (e.g. fire, flood) that can harm your business environment or cripple the conduct of business. Organisation must always be prepared to continue their business effectively even if an intruder corrupted the computer systems or destroyed software programs, or deleted files and folders on servers.


The following are the tips for performing effective backup for your data:


Establish backup schedule on daily, weekly and monthly basis to backup all documents. Whenever there is a modification to original content, backups should be created instantly.


Maintain backups for a period of time to allow for recovery process or fixing issue that is not revealed instantaneously.


Use automation backups, as creating copies manually can be time consuming and tedious.


Run a set of tests on the backup process by periodically restoring the contents and verifying its accuracy.


Setup extra computers to constantly duplicate data in original computer for immediate recovery.


Make sure the backup process creates a date and time log so the contents of the backup can be validated.


Create backups on various types of medium (portable disk copy and CDs copy) to offer flexibility in recovery process.


Backup copies should be located in secure place, preferably not on office's premise to avoid same disaster that destroys the original.