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Be Secure Online

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One of the most useful things about the internet is that it allows people to do transactions online exactly when it suits them, such as their banking or shopping. Whether it is at 11.00pm or 11.00am, in the city or bush, Mauritians are transacting online. If it's difficult getting to the bank or shop, or you want to shop around for the best price, the internet is a wonderful thing.
However, there are people who try to find the holes in the security measures and internet habits of people transacting online. They try to trick people into revealing personal details and account details so they can steal information, money and property.
If you make sure your computer and use of the internet is as secure as possible, then you are a long way to transacting safely online. There are a number of smart practices you can follow to make sure your use of the internet to do banking, or buy and sell things is as safe as possible.
In this section of the website we provide advice on: