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Cyber Security Mauritius>Cyberbullying tips for parents and carers

Cyberbullying tips for parents and carers

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General Safety Measures

  1. Be aware, your child may as likely cyberbully as is a target of cyberbullying. Be alert to your child seeming upset after using the internet or their mobile phone. This might involve subtle comments or changes in relationships with friends. They might be unwilling to talk or be secretive about their online activities and mobile phone use.

  2. Talk with your children and understand the ways in which they are using the internet and their mobile phone. See the seven key messages for children (on the left) to get you started.

  3. Use the tools on the service and turn on in-built internet safety features.

  4. Remind your child not to retaliate.

  5. Keep the evidence of offending emails, text messages or online conversations.