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Desktop Security

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Desktop Security


Every organisation should consider implementing desktop security measures to prevent unauthorised access to employee's computers or devices, company documents and information. Employee must know how to protect company data against loss and destruction. Such loss can result from user intervention (e.g., files can be modified). Other forms of data loss include outright theft of computer equipment and copying of data from various storage mediums. Methods of stealing company data can take in the form of copying data from employee's cubicle even for a few minutes using a diskette or thumb drive.


The followings are steps can be taken to enhance physical security:


Educate employees to guard their belongings such as, locking their laptops and cabinets even when they are around.


Limiting access to authorised employees through measures such as unique security systems, smart locks, employees' access cards , or biometrics.


Train staff to never leave their computers unattended; use screen saver passwords to lock computer screen.


Keep all confidential files and printed documents in a locked cabinet.


Place CCTV or other security system which can provide local or remote surveillance capability.