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General Safety Measures

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General Safety Measures


      Preventing Your Kids from Internet Addiction
      Do not stay online for more than one hour without having a purpose
      Turning on the computer and connecting to the Internet out of force can be the start of Internet addiction. Turn on the computer only when necessary.
      Decide on a computer use time
      Parents should inform their children that computers are available after accomplishing their daily tasks. Keeping a journal regarding their computer use time and activities is effective in monitoring their computer use behavior.


      Do not focus on the use of the Internet for entertainment
      If children regard their computer and the Internet as merely entertainment devices, they will not utilize the positive functions of the Internet. Delete games and other useless programs and show them the educational uses of the
      Avoid solitary use of the computer
      Moving children’s computer to the living room is a good way to accomplish this. It will be even more necessary for children with poor self-control. If they are able to use the computer alone in their room, they are more likely to increase their computer usage.


      Do not eat while using the Internet
      When overusing the Internet, people are apt to eat irregularly or to eat while sitting in front of the computer. In order to prevent Internet addiction, eating while online should be certainly prohibited.
      Find offline entertainment and hobbies
      Parents should offer opportunities for their children to enjoy fun activities in sports, religion, music and crafts, and should help them adjust to new people and situations. It is beneficial for them to receive help from other people they care about.
      Preventing Your Child from Cyberbullying
      • It is important to have an open and honest discussion between child and the parent on this issue. Children should be informed of steps to take if they are cyber bullied just like in real life.

      • If your child is being cyber bullied, listen to them and take necessary action. The child will open up and share their grievances if their parent is supportive and show that they are willing to help. Children tend to be secretive when parent’s quickly to jump into conclusion without understanding the situation.

      • Make sure that your child feels that they are protected. Don’t give into the bully without taking any action. If the bullying is life threatening, report to Police. Make sure you have some evidence so law enforcement officers will find it easier to prosecute.

      • If your child has been cyber bullied at school, inform the school or their teacher. School teachers can monitor the cyber bully and take action if it is repeated.