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With the Internet, any form of information can be expressed without any moderation or restriction. People can post and write articles to express their feelings of anger, hate, frustration or prejudice.

As a responsible citizen and Internet user, certain precautions should be taken to ensure so that you do not land in the hands of the law.


You should not share information that is highly sensitive or degrading on public domains or websites that is accessed by many people. If possible avoid all together.


Careful when you receive any emails with hate speeches or any form of recorded information that may be highly sensitive. You should delete and do not forward them.


Don’t believe any of information with malicious content posted on the Internet or blogs. It is advised to use your sound judgment to verify the information stated as it may not be true at all. It may only to provoke us to hate certain individual or organization without a clear proof.


Install content filtering software that can block sites which you may not want your children to access, e.g Content Advisor in IE7.


Educate your child on the difference between valid, true and false information. Tell them to seek your advice if they are not sure.


Some facts:




Sedition in Malaysia is a governed by the Sedition Act 1948, a legislation drafted to provide punishment for sedition. Under the Act, seditious is when applied to or used in respect of any act, speech, words, publication or other thing qualifies the act, speech, words, publication or other thing as one having a seditious tendency (Section 2). According to the Act, "seditious tendency", includes a tendency which would bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the government or to promote the feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races in Malaysia.