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Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing allows users to share files online through an informal network of computers running the same software. File-sharing can give you access to a wealth of information, but it also has a number of risks. You could download copyright-protected material, pornography, or viruses accidentally. Or you could mistakenly allow other people to copy files you don't mean to share.

The following are the safety tips if you decide to share resources:


Set up the file-sharing software very carefully, checking the proper settings so that other users won't have access to your private files.


Consider installing anti-spyware software. Some file-sharing programs install spyware that can monitor your browsing habits and send that data to third parties.


Adjust the file-sharing program's controls so that it is not connected to the P2P network all the time. Some file-sharing programs automatically open every time you turn on your computer.


Use anti-virus software and a firewall and update them regularly. Files you download using a P2P network could be mislabeled, hiding a virus or other unwanted content.