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Protecting Passwords

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Protecting Passwords
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Passwords are commonly used to access services and information on the web. There are many passwords that you need to remember, therefore, you may chose an easy to remember password or even write it down somewhere someone may spot.


The following are some tips for you to protect your password and to create strong passwords:


Don't share your share your passwords on the Internet, over email, or on the phone. No one will ask to send your password to them. Be careful if some does.


Using passwords that have at least eight characters, that include a combination of numbers and symbols.


Avoiding common words or terms. Hackers can use programs that can try every word in the dictionary.


Never use your personal information or any words or terms that are related to you.


You should change your password regularly. Every 3 months at the latest.


You should use different password for each account you access.


One way of creating a strong password to get a phrase that you can remember and take the first letter of each word as your password, converting the letters that you can remember. For example, "Everyone knows the sun sets at dawn” would become “ektss@d”.