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Secure Remote Access

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Secure Remote Access
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Information and data traveling over Internet can be eavesdropped, therefore it needs to be secured as it can allow hacker and attacked to enter your network. If your staff use a laptop or home computer to connect to the company network to access, remote desktop, network and emails services, it must be secured. Two areas of concern are, to prevent eavesdropping and to control access. Control access remotely requires technical knowledge and implementation; therefore it is best done by a network specialist.


The following are the tips to protect remote access services


Use a secure, encrypted protocol for communication link.


Your network at office must be secured, e.g. firewall.


Physical and electronic access to your firewall, VPN (Virtual Private Network) router, administrator accounts and servers should be restricted.


Ensure that all staff use strong passwords.


Mobile user must not set to logon automatically and store their password on their computer.


Remote access privileges must be removed once the staff leaves the organisation.


Monitor any unusual activities by reviewing the server logs.


Ensure your firewall and VPN system are regularly updated.


Ensure the remote desktop programs are installed by network experts as it creates a tunnel through the firewall. Employee should not be allowed to install by themselve as involves controlling access to resources.