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There are basically two dangers associated with visiting Web sites.

First, a child may come across material that is sexual, hateful, violent, or otherwise inappropriate.

Second, some Web sites invite visitors to enter information about themselves. Children should never enter such information -- even if they are familiar with the site -- without parental permission. Parents should not allow their children to enter personal information without first finding and reviewing the site's privacy policy.

Setting up their own Web sites

It is possible for children and teens to set up their own Web sites (at no cost). The danger of setting up a Web site is that anything posted can be seen by anyone visiting the site. If your child has a Web site, it's important that parents visit it often to see what is there. Make sure that your child doesn't post personal information, photos, or anything else that could identify him or her. Also, be sure there is nothing on the site that could get your child into trouble at school or with the law or might be harmful or offensive to other people.

Children and teens who post material to Web sites must also avoid infringing on the copyrights of others by not posting copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder (usually that's the person who wrote the material).

Ways to know if your child is posting inappropriate material to a Web site:

  • If you know your child has a Web site, find out the URL (Web address) and check it often.
  • If you're not sure if your child has a Web site, ask first.
  • If you've asked and are still not sure, try searching for the child's name using one of the free Internet search tools. Also search for your address, phone number, school name, and the names of your child's close friends.